Basic Membership

We help even though it’s just a breakdown.
We provide our services regardless of age of your vehicle.
We assure you that much needed peace of mind by responding in the quickest time possible!


  • One-time payment, lifetime membership
  • 2 towing services per year
    • Maximum RM400 per tow service regardless of destination within Malaysia.
    • The excess amount shall be borne by customer.
    • In the event that the tow service costs less than RM400, no refund will be given.
  • Minor on the spot repair
    • Tyre change, replacement of fan belts, battery change, fuse change, etc.
    • Costs of spare parts used for minor on the spot repair shall be borne by customer.
  • 24-hours breakdown assistance
  • Free AAM battery delivery service

*Please refer AAM Guidebook or full range of benefits and terms & conditions of service.

Membership Fee

Category 2500cc Below Above 2500cc
Government Servant RM45 RM95
Senior Citizen (Aged 50 and Above) RM60 RM110
Adult RM80 RM130
Student RM40 RM90
Corporate RM50 RM100

Rules & Regulations

  1. BASIC membership is only applicable to private vehicles. Commercially registered vehicles (such as lorry, truck, van, taxi, wagon, etc) are not eligible to apply for BASIC membership. AAM reserves the right to refuse towing such commercial vehicles.BASIC membership is open to any companies or organizations registered vehicle(s). Companies must have a permanent office address and must be registered in Malaysia. All vehicles must be registered under the company’s ownership. Commercial registered vehicles (such as lorry, truck, van, taxi, wagon, etc) are not eligible to apply for BASIC membership.
  1. Cancellation

    No full or proportionate part of the payment made shall be refunded upon cancellation of membership (without any exceptions).
  1. Loss of Membership Card

    Application for replacement membership cards can be made via AAM call center at RM50.00 per card, which will be couriered to registered address of card member. You may also process your request at any of the AAM offices.
  1. Activation Period

    New applicants and renewal of expired members are subject to a 48-hour activation period. During this period, the member is not entitled to any covered services of the card.
  1. Membership Card Delivery

    The membership card will be couriered to your registered address within 7 working days after submitting the application. In the event that you do not receive the membership card, kindly contact our office.
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