Automobile Association of Malaysia

85 Years Since 1932

Established in 1932, AAM has always been the go to choice for auto assistance. Acting as the official spokesperson for Malaysian motor vehicle owners and at the same time championing their rights to the safe and adequate use of roads, AAM is also the national motorsports’ governing body.

The association provides an extensive range of services to members, from around the clock breakdown and technical assistance. Members can be assured that our servicemen are ready to provide assistance to our members at the quickest response time. Servicemen attending to on-the-spot minor repairs are not only equipped with essential tools but selected spare parts for the more common model vehicles.

The AAM is affiliated with international and national motoring organisations world-wide that includes the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT), the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).  Through these international affiliations, AAM provides its members with access to such services in several countries.

Founder’s Message: Tunku Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha

Improving road safety awareness has always been on top of my priority list. Greater road safety begins with every single individual. It is depressing to know that traffic accidents are on the rise. Statistics show that our driving attitude is actually the reason to such unfortunate events.
As the preferred and trusted choice for auto assistance, we would like to contribute our part in nurturing better habits towards road safety. It is an essential part in order to decrease those negative statistics. For a start, AAM will continue to contribute in the areas of vehicle maintenance and promoting safer driving habits.
Apart from addressing all critical areas, AAM strived to do more. We would like to adapt quickly and become flexible in our processes in order to be the most established choice in the country.


To be the most dynamic Motoring Association in Malaysia


Obtain quality and excellent service that is consistent to the needs of our AAM’s members.



Established in 1932, the AAM is recognized as the national motoring authority, acting as the official spokesperson for Malaysian motor vehicles owners and championing their rights to the safe and adequate use of roads.


1st motorcycle patrol rescue service are designed to circumvent traffic jams and enable our team to reach the breakdown scene in the shortest possible time.


Get-U-Home, towing and on the spot repair service in collaboration with panel workshops had been introduced.


AAM give introduce to breakdown & towing service.


AAM have set up 21 branches and technical support nationwide.


Set up of a non-stop automotive centre on a land area and the acquisition of new vehicles encompasses of 5 flatbed car carries, 15 rescue motorcycles and 6 numbers of proton arena as utility trucks.


Appointed new Chief Executive Officer, Dato Asa Fan.


Looking forward to serve you better for many years to come.


Vice Chairman
Mr. Wan Zaharuddin Wan Ahmed
Marketing / Public Relations / Insurance

YM Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha
Motorsports / International Relations

Chief Executive Officer
Dato’ Asa Fan

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Andrew Yun

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ken Lee

Business Strategy Director (East Coast Division)
Mr. Dee Wong

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