What is AAM?

Established since 26th January 1932, the AAM is recognized as the national motoring authority, acting as the official spokesperson for Malaysian motor vehicle owners, and championing their rights to the safe and adequate use of roads.

How do I become a member?

You can get the registration form on www.aam.org.my or call us at 1300-226-226

If I am an existing member and would like to renew my membership, what are the plans available?

The currently available new plans are basic and elite. More information can be found on the website.

If I am an existing member facing vehicle breakdown, what can I do?

You can call us at 1300-226-226 or download Carfix-Locate and Fix app from Android or IOS store.

If I am an existing member, how should I continue to enjoy my previous benefits?

If you are an existing member, if you are face with any breakdown you are required to pay for that particular incident. Once it is arranged and executed, you will be awarded a free one-year basic membership where you can enjoy all the new benefits that AAM-Carfix is bringing to you.

If I am a life-time member, what do I have to do to enjoy the new benefits?

In order to continue to enjoy the free towing and new benefits, life time members will need to renew and update their membership.

What is the relationship between AAM and Carfix?

Carfix is the mobile application company that currently is partnering with AAM to provide roadside assistance as well as introducing new benefits for AAM members. This partnership will ensure and guarantee that all future undertaking will be by Carfix.

How do I check my membership Validity?

You can check your membership status via our website under membership status.

If I would like to host a motorsport racing event, who should I be liaising with?

You can reach us at +603-5510 4679 and we will put you through to the right person.

Operating hours of AMSB is from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.